Anne Curtis denies unprofessionalism, attitude problem

MANILA, Philippines – “Ha? Really?” was the reply of actress and TV host Anne Curtis when told of reports claiming she has an attitude problem.

Earlier this week, an article was published on the Internet detailing her so-called “unprofessionalism.” It said Curtis reports to the set of “Showtime” minutes before the show goes on the air. This leaves the show’s staff with little to no time to brief her regarding the show’s content for the day.

The article questioned Curtis’s reported tardiness, saying she has no reason to be late because she lives closer to the ABS-CBN studios now. Curtis used to live in Parañaque, but the article cites sources that claim she now lives in Makati City, where she reportedly bought a condo unit for P20 million.

Consequently, she is also said to have put up her Parañaque home for sale, to the tune of P25 million. Rumor has it that Curtis decided to move to Makati to be closer to her boyfriend Erwan Heusaff, who lives in Forbes Park.

Curtis denied having an attitude problem and dared those who said so to come to the set of “Showtime” and ask anyone on the staff if the rumors are true.

“Well, I believe when someone is given so much attention at a certain time, you really can’t avoid or it’s inevitable that people will say negative things about you. I didn’t get to read the article, but whatever it says, all you have to do is ask the Showtime people,” she said. “We’re family here.”

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