Gretchen Barretto unveils more of her life off camera in Metro Magazine

Gretchen Barretto has long been known for having one of the most classic and elegant faces in showbiz. Modeling from the age of 13 and shooting her first film at 14, she has grown in the public eye and made herself a fashion and beauty icon. Not only because of her beauty, Gretchen has always been sought after by media because she gives her opinion freely and always speaks her mind.

Gretchen graces Metro Magazine’s April 2010 issue where she unveils a side of her personality not many are very familiar with: that aside from being an actress she is also a woman who gets hurt in every controversy and takes refuge in home and her family. Being a mother to Dominique Cojuangco, Gretchen’s daughter with Tony Boy Cojuangco, made her choose and realize what really matters in life. Motherhood brought has brought balance in her life where showbiz might have made her jaded and weary.

Know more about Gretchen on being a hands-on mother and on keeping the fighting spirit in Metro Magazine’s April 2010 issue.

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