Kuh: The best & the worst

When you hear the title Pop Diva, you think about Kuh Ledesma. And when you talk about Kuh Ledesma, you rave about a voice, so enchanting, even seductive. And so beguiling, it once for a few seconds made me think about falling in love with a woman. (Good grief!). It is also a voice that prays straight to God, no wonder Kuh blooms forever and always with a purpose which is to make this world a better place. Then you take away the voice, Kuh remains incandescent with a formidable presence that screams with class and bravura, “I’m a star” even when she’s asleep. Read on.

1. In your opinion, what is the worst and best thing about being in showbiz?

I really don’t like focusing on the negative. However, it is when people in showbiz believe their press and it gets in the way of their purpose because the reason why we are where we are is because God has put us there for a reason and purpose – and that is to give Him glory for the talents he has given us and along the way build relationships with the people He has put around us. But because of insecurities and misguided focus people tend to think of themselves more than they ought to and they become self-centered vs. serve-entered. However in entertainment or any kind of business it should be about serving others. Life should be about giving not about just receiving. The best thing about showbiz is that it is an exciting life with its perks, you meet great people, you get to travel, and you get to go to fine restaurants etc. However the best advantage for me is having a platform to express how I feel and what I think. It is a great opportunity to influence.

2. Are you afraid of getting old?

Age is a state of mind. My prayer is that God doesn’t add years to my life but rather life to my years. Because what good is age without effectiveness?

3. What was the best thing said about you?

That I look younger than my age.

4. What is the question you have been asked most often? And the question you hate the most?

How do I maintain such a model figure haha. How old are you. Hay naku!!! Kasi hindi ko talaga yan sasagutin. A woman should never be asked her age.

5. How well do you understand men?

Men? Better now than before. I’ve actually read books on conflicts that affect men. I never thought that men were that different from women. But they are totally different in how they think and thank God I’m not ignorant about men anymore but, I must say they have only become even more interesting to me.

6. What childish thing do you still do as an adult?

Dance wild to music.

7. How do you pray?

I pray always. I wake up very early and sing worship songs to the Lord and after I read the Bible and then I talk to Him. I also pray a lot when I’m in the car and before I do anything. I pray specifically with intention and most of all with faith knowing God will answer my prayers because the Bible says… in Mark 11:24 “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

8. If you will dedicate a song to somebody, what would it be? Why? Who would that somebody be?

It is a Michelle Legrand song What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life and it’s for that someone I hope to fall in love with.

9. What was the best thing you did for love?

I married the guy. The worst? I married the guy. Why? Because I didn’t know much about love.

10. If you were Superwoman, who is your Superman?

My Ideal Superman would have the character of Clive Owen in King Arthur and Mel Gibson in Braveheart.

11. What makes you laugh?

A well-made funny movie. I love comedies.

12. What is the most romantic place on earth for you and why?

It’s not about the place it’s about the person I’m with, so anywhere is romantic for me as long as I’m with the person I’m in love with.

13. The best gift you have ever received from a loved one?

A song from my daughter on my birthday.

14. Who is your favorite singer?

My favorite singer is Seal Why? I never get tired of his voice and his songs. My least favourite is Marlyn Manson.

15. What is the best sound?

Children’s laughter. And the worst? People fighting make me cringe.

16. What would you not wear in public?

To much bling bling, and clothes too revealing because one can be sexy and classy without revealing too much.

17. You are 10 years old, the first thing that you remember?

I remember my mother making me sing for my relatives and I would mimic Julie Andrews.

18. You are at the entrance of heaven, what do you think God will say to you?

Well-done, good and faithful servant.

19. Who were you named after?

My grandmother was the one who chose this name and I always wondered why I wasn’t named Jacqueline or Francesca or Evangeline. Whhhhyyyyy Socorro? Perpetual Succor which means “HELP”

20. If you were a song what song would you be?

Ako ay Pilipino

21. If you were to confess only one sin to God, what would it be and why?

T.M.I. When we get to Heaven I’ll tell you.

22. If you were a wild flower, what would you be and why?

I like the Camia flower because it is beautiful and looks pure and delicate but it stands tall.

23. Where do you think you would go? Heaven or hell? Why?

I have absolute certainty that I am going to Heaven because the Bible has assured me that if I receive Christ as my Lord and Savior and commit to follow Him I will be saved and the Holy Spirit in me is the guaranteed seal.

24. Write your epitaph?

Thank you Jesus Christ for an Amazing Life.

25. Thirty years from now, where are you and what are you doing?

I will be a full time teacher of the Bible travelling to visit different churches and schools around the world ministering to the masses, giving hope to the hopeless and encouraging the downtrodden.

First Posted: DIRECTLINE By Boy Abunda
The Philippine Star