Is Coco Martin wooing Julia Montes?

MANILA, Philippines – Drama actor Coco Martin vehemently denied reports saying he is courting young actress Julia Montes.

Is Coco Martin wooing Julia Montes?

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12 Replies to “Is Coco Martin wooing Julia Montes?”

  1. tlga?he’s courting julia?sobrang bata pa ni julia 4 coco…neweiz…sobrang galing ni coco sa minsan lng kta iibgin…bgay cla ni maja..sna cla nlng 4 real…hehe…

    1. ^^^^ Casey Rodriguez i totally agree with you..
      anyways Coco corting Julia?? loool i strongly dont believe that bullshit, not because Julia is still or should i say OVERLY YOUNG for Coco but it’s also the matter of fact that they would never ever suit, please Coco Martin just stick with Maja Salvador you two are really good together but if both of you are not ready or if it’s still early well there’s a lot of time but i also want to say that there’s a really good chemistry with you two especially me watching you in Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin says a lot… you and maja would make a really good pair and theres something about you two ahhh im just happy that Maja is not yet going out with Matteo.. Please Maja wait for Coco..lool xxx

  2. sana mgkateleserye ulit kau ni coco n julia miss qo n kau mpanood..kkilig kz kaung dlwa..#1 fan me n julia e..

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