Sarah hurt over Rayver-Cristine

MANILA, Philippines – Popstar princess Sarah Geronimo admitted she went through a lot of pain when she and her rumored former boyfriend Rayver Cruz went separate ways.

Sarah hurt over Rayver-Cristine

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2 Replies to “Sarah hurt over Rayver-Cristine”

  1. I don’t think is a good idea for Rayver C, or Cristine R work with Sarah G., because for prosfective they are using Sarah’s G popurity. It would be better to let her stay from those 2. However they can be mutual say “HELLO” to them as old friend, after that you can just forgive and forget the past. I know is not easy, but let the past leave behind. And follow for positive future activities, ensure when you have another relationship just to be aware that there will be sad and happines because that is the part of our lives. If there is sadness of course there will a happiness in future. God plan this for you. Not all the time you’re happy. We must accept what god give to us. It means that he is not belongs to you, it belong to someone else. There will be somebody that will be better match for you. Just hang in there; and Believe in God, because he has answer for you…he maybe need to be with bad girls that not strainght. Just BELIEVE with prayer, and let the god choice for you, them before you action. Stay sweet, love the people so-round you, and be careful always those guys that words saying or cannot show respect to your family or go in your house to court you. ALWAYS careful to those guys….I love you and God bless you always.

  2. My dear Sarah G. I’m so sorry for what had happened to you with you boyfriend, some time we had to be strong at heart, things don’t main to be with you on certain happening arounds you, we just have to go on with out it, if its not giving the true friend signal, let it lost your way, they have more better things and men for you out there,never give up your strong feeling you lost one bad fish , you cath better one next time, just have an open mind, you’ll find the bigger fish, love yourself, then someday ,you’ll find that mr. perfict for you. Good Luck and God Bless Us All. I love your personality and your golden voice. you are awesome lady. Have a good time. be safe than sorry.

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