10 years after: Whatever happened to Kuya’s first housemates?


They may have different careers right now but one thing is for certain, the lessons they have learned inside the Big Brother house remains in their hearts. 
How has Kuya’s first housemates fared outside his abode after 10 years? PUSH reminisces our first experience of PBB and tracks down the former housemates’ whereabouts. 
1. Nene Tamayo
When she emerged as PBB’s first ever Big Winner, Nene said she has no intentions of pursuing show business fulltime. ‘Commander Nene’ as she was known on the show however found a niche as a dancing diva on ABS-CBN’s defunct dance show U Can Dance. Nene eventually married her dance partner on the show Anthony Plamio. They have a son, Antonio, who is now 7 years old. 
Currently Nene owns Nene Primefoods, a bottled-food business. Among the products she sells are Pickled Chili, Eight-spiced Tuyo and Spanish-style Bangus Sardines. 
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2. Jason Gainza
Jason was a construction worker/waiter when he auditioned for the first season of PBB. After landing in second place, Jason’s sense of humor inside the house did not go unnoticed and he eventually became a comedian. He is now known for his impersonations of King of Talk Boy Abunda and of Kris TV head writer Darla Sauler.
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3. Franzen Fajardo 
Franzen is best remembered as one of Kuya’s “pasaway“ housemates in Season 1. Although he was forced evicted, his and Jason’s antics on the show were surely unforgettable. 
Franzen tried his luck in showbiz but eventually returned to his original job as a salesman. In a Bandila feature, he is reported to be in the buying and selling business in Singapore. 
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4. Uma Khouny
Half-Israeli and half-Filipino, Uma was known as the straightforward housemate of Season 1 as he is blunt and says whatever is on his mind. 
Uma tried his hand at hosting travel show Trip Na Trip after Pinoy Big Brother. He is now in New York managing his coffee business. 
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5. Cass Ponti
Cass, who hailed from Davao, was the first season’s third Big Placer. Known for being a morena beauty and the cook of the house, she was very close to Uma.
After her stint inside the PBB house, Cass became a sexy actress and was even the cover girl of Maxim’s October 2006 issue.  
Cass, according to a report in Bandila, is now happily married and has one kid. 
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6. Say Alonzo
The resident ‘kikay’ of the first batch of PBB housemates, her duet with Sam Milby, “Magmahal Muli,” topped the charts in 2005. 
Say became an actress-host after her stint inside the PBB house. In 2011, she bowed out of the limelight and married Ryan Tordesillas. She is now a business woman and hands on mom to her baby boy Asher. 
7. Chx Alcala
PBB Season 1’s “wild girl,” Chx was controversial after she shared a kiss with heartthrob Sam Milby on the show. 
According to reports, Chx is now in a business venture with her Brazilian-Japanese boyfriend. 
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8. Rico Barrera
Although he was the first evictee of the first season, Rico has remained visible in the world of showbiz. Aside from being an actor, Rico is also a model and businessman. He is currently filming an indie movie with Matteo Guidicelli and Bangs Garcia. 
Rico New.jpg
9. Sam Milby
When Sam Milby became part of PBB Season 1, the girl housemates definitely swooned. The Fil-Am model not only captured the hearts of those inside the house but of the viewers as well. After his stint on PBB, Sam became one of ABS-CBN’s top actors. He has also landed recording deals and various endorsements. 
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10. Jenny Suico
Jenny was the first housemate that made a voluntary exit because of her sick father. She was also part of Big Brother’s Big Switch and was able to return back inside the house.
Jenny is now happily married and is staying in the US with her husband. 
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11. JB Magsaysay
One of the heartthrobs on the show, JB was paired with Say and the eventually became a couple. The romance was short-lived however, a case of what PBB fans now call “PBB Love.”
JB ventured into acting after his stay inside the PBB House. He eventually got into politics, following his family’s heritage. 
He has also married actress Coleen Garcia’s mother Maripaz in 2012. 
JB old.jpg
12. Racquel Reyes
Known for her motherly traits in the first season, Racquel remained true to her calling as a teacher. A proud survivor of 4 strokes, Racquel is still teaching in a school in Trapiche, Batangas. 
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13. Bob Dela Cruz
Dubbed as the aspiring politician in the batch, Bob pursued his aspirations to hold public office after leaving the Big Brother house. 
He is currently the first councilor of Marilao, Bulacan. 
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Bob new.jpg

10 years after: Whatever happened to Kuya’s first housemates?

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